Sunday, October 26, 2008


I am not a bit intrigued with Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series. I was with my friend Ziella at the book fair last month when she was blabbing non-stop about the book and the movie. Of course I am well aware of the books and the movie, being a really inquisitive person (in a good way) I keep myself abreast with what’s happening to the world, politics here at home & outside Pinas and most importantly with Hollywood… even about Comicon for that matter. It was because I cannot think of anything to ask from Zie for my birthday that I agreed to receive all 4 books. They were actually beginning to accumulate dust on my shelf. I was just bored last night that after dinner I grabbed the first book (Twilight) and began flipping through the pages. The next thing I know it was already 11 pm and I am almost done with the book. I tried to retire early last night then continued to finish it this morning. By 10 am (although I was up early I was at the Church first thing this morning) I was on the second book. I can’t say I liked it a lot, it was an easy read that is why I was able to finish it quickly. What’s really annoying with books turned into movies is that when you’re already aware as to who’s gonna play who, the characters you’ll imagine while reading are the actors & actresses who’ll starred in it. My mind was already filled with images of Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart and I don’t like them both. They both look really sickly skinny in my opinion but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and will declare my opinion once again after watching the film this November.But because of this book I have developed a little crush with the werewolf Jacob. I’m really a sucker for the underdogs. I don’t usually like the heroes, the lead roles, the protagonist. I am always after the bestfriend, the supporting actor, the “other” guy. The guys who ended up being killed or broken hearted in the end. Jacob would be a nice second name for my soon to be born nephew. I am gonna name my new nephew (he’ll be born this December) and you might be wondering why I am doing the naming stuff when I am not even the parent. I’ll tell about this story next time. For now all I can say is that I am the one in-charge and even the parents doesn’t have a say on this matter *bwahahaha*.

Going back to Twilight, I’ll have to agree with the raves that S. Meyer did a very creative job in prolonging the saga of the Cullens, the Quileute and Bella Swan. You may or may not even like the story with the teenage unbelievable underworld but it’s a good way to pass the time. My realization… I’d like to have a real life crush soon even if he’s a werewolf or a vampire.

Monday tomorrow… enjoy everyone!

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niQ said...

I haven't gotten my copies of the books yet but I'll reserve judgment until I've actually read them all. Thanks for the info!