Monday, October 06, 2008

September to Remember

I have not written any drama entry for a while now so here’s one for all of you to endure (hehehe)… after all I was a drama queen first before I became a sleepwalker.

September was a very emotional month for me. Not just because I got a year older but because any situation involving my family is really major for me.

My Ma got sick, she was hospitalized and I have discovered that I still got a lot of strength hiding somewhere within me. The softie interior I have became one with the exterior I project – tough. I am really blessed because I have an intact loving family and I am gifted with the bestest friends in the world – they made me laugh and they were there to console me when I am about to break down.

On my birthday I was a little down because I was celebrating it while waiting inside Asian Hospital for the doctor to arrive as I accompanied my Ma on her check up. By dinner time, I was truly exhausted after all the errands but I am still very thankful to my parents, my siblings & my pamangkins for the special dinner and coffee. To my friends too for all the greetings.

I felt like I aged 10 years & not just a year this time. I have felt the grave responsibilities bestowed on adults. I have to make sacrifices and decisions and I have to make them fast but sure.

I have learned how it’s like to be in a superwoman’s shoes although I really can’t consider myself one… chores, fending for my pamangkins (who are all makukulit – in a good way), taking care of my Ma’s needs, driving to the grocery and drugstores, going to the office, being sick the whole time, sleeping at around 11 pm then waking up at 5 am. I truly admired my Mother because she can all of that and more when we were kids.

This month made me braver that I was even challenged to conquer my own phobia. Injecting insulin was not a problem for me, I aced it the first time. The struggle though was with blood. I need to monitor my Ma’s blood sugar 2 times a day which means that I need to prick her morning & evening, drew the blood drops out of her finger, test it & record the numbers. The first try was unsuccessful, I felt nauseous that I ended up lying in bed for a couple of hours because I was too weak to get up. It was funny and sad but I promise that the next day I’ll perform better.

It was truly a September to remember. I would like to give thanks and special mention to Rovs (you really made me feel stronger and not alone my friend), to my bestfriend Luchie for always checking up on me because she knows no one would take care of me while I took care of my family and to Jeng & Dines for simply being there with me making me laugh and letting me feel that I’m with my own army to defeat any obstacle.

So there goes my Maalaala Mo Kaya moment. Happy Monday to all!

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