Tuesday, May 20, 2008

wise labo (that's the name)

Jo gave me this cutesy plant (hehehe this is actually what my plant will look like IF I take care of it hehehe). You can groom it and cut it in various designs, you can also add ribbons if you like.

I haven’t started the germination process for it yet because I am preparing myself to be up to the challenge. Syempre I don’t want to transfer any negative energy to it (arte hehehe).

I’ll update you with the weekly progress of my baby (that is if I don’t get lazy) once I started to let it grow.
Off topic: I can drive na! Yes a car and not just a bike hehehe.


daei said...

off topic comment: very good! kotse na lang ba ang kulang, o meron na??? :-)

Anne said...

hi daei! shhh! hehehe meron na numg march pa :D

daei said...

tignan mo nga naman!!! pa-angkas naman!!!