Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Boys of Summer (Past & Present)

This time last year I was super obsessed with Ryan Key of Yellowcard. This year I am secretly obsessed with Toma Ikuta (secretly because I cannot let Ziella find out – she already warned me about this guy and I cannot be even the slightest bit attracted to him). I tried backtracking and I found out that same time last 2006 I am all over Mitch Singson (“all over” is a little exaggerated hehehe crush ko lang pala)… and as I searched May 2005 archives I found out I was pretending to look fine but was actually broken hearted.

A lot have happened already, good and bad… highs and lows but nothing really changed. I am still the same boring blogger I used to be. I still write about a lot of shallow matters and things that doesn’t exhibit any sense at all hehehe.

But one thing is for sure, I can always find a great eye candy to idolize or be obsessed or spend my time daydreaming about.


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