Thursday, May 22, 2008

We Won!

Congratulations to team "Hook on Cook"! Our guy made it! Buti na lang, I really don't like Archuleta, he's so fake and always looking as if he'll gonna cry and pass out because he received high praises (oops baka awayin ako ng mga maka-Archibaby). Plus the bad publicity against his stage daddy really made a negative impact on his overall chances of winning. But infairness Archuleta has a good voice although he lacks the luster of what a real star is. He's boring and not really taking risks, I feel bored watching his Disney performances (words inspired by the Judge Wannabe Mrs. Cowell, hehehe si Jen).

The difference was by 12 million votes! That's A LOT!

Oh well, I really picked out a good bet this year, dapat nakipag pustahan ako sa mga maka David A. So although my guy DC won, sorry guys walang cheese burger.

It feels like it's Friday already. Times flies and you're not even having fun... oh well a few more hours and weekend here we come!

Happy Thursday guys!

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