Saturday, April 12, 2008

Macau, Macau

I’m still blogging from China… my last day here. I’ll be leaving tonight, tomorrow I’ll be back to my room, my house & well come Monday I’ll be back to work. My one week vacation is through. Sigh. I had fun and I’ll definitely be missing my betsy.
It’s been a crazy week of shopping, eating (every 2 hours! That’s the pakita-gilas Chie & Sophie did to me… I think need 2 months & not just 2 weeks of south beach diet phase 1), laughing and talking.

Here are more pictures of where I’ve been to in the last couple of days:

bus ride to the FerryTerminal

Venetian Macau

"baby it's okay to jump, I got you" (painting at the Venetian Macau ceiling)


assisting the handicapped

hey there!

take time to smell the flowers... eherm the hotel flowers :p

I swear he's cuter in person (don't ask me his name, I forgot)

Luchie and her poster

Kun Nyam (the Chinese Virgin Mary - Portugal's gift to Macau)

it looks tall from afar, hmmm

I don't know this was taken

They had no idea I was using them for my own photo op hehehe

you missed a spot there mister (real or fake? take a guess)

the lion got mad at me, ouch!

I was having my picture taken when - against my will - they decided to pose along... crazy people tsk tsk tsk...

he poses only with me - when the rest went away the mime guy danced hehehe

mask man conductor of the Venetian opera

look at the sky, real or not?

should we check in now? or later? - at the lobby reception
Reese, the necklace will look better at me

Welcome! See you in Nov for the grand prix.

flower power - at the Jardin de Flora

si uncle driver nagpa picture pa talaga

Macau Tower

my ring finger is begging for one

helping the statue in removing the leaves :p

amazing Venetian ceiling

I'm not sure what's wrong with me in this photo (still astounded over the Venetian Macau paintings)

Bond or Versace Girls?

cool coach, nicest bus I've been to

high five man!

"nice to meet you, I'm wounded too"
below: 80 seconds cable ride going to Guia Lighthouse

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snifit said...

nice.. gnda tlga venetian! astig mga pinoy dyan!