Sunday, April 13, 2008


My flight is for the last 3 hours... and I'm still here furious at the airport (Macau International Airport). Good thing their airport offers this service if not I'll be bored to death. I'm saving my iPod power for the actual flight since I failed to recharge it earlier today. I have given all my spare change to Luchie thinking I'm not ever gonna need to use any MOP & boy was I wrong. I was staring at the pay phone looking for directions on how I could call collect. I need to inform Luchie that the flight was delayed (details below) so that she could inform my Pop who probably is already in the airport waiting for me and thinking what the hell happened to her daughter. I was asking the steward if there is a chance the flight will be cancelled (I need to know so that I could go home to Chie's flat and spend the night there rather than bore myself to death here at the airport) he said it will not be cancelled, he assured me. I was chatting with this steward because I need to know what really happened - why all of a sudden the plane I'm supposed to board landed in Hong Kong instead of Macau (the plane is currently in HK I swear). I told the guy my dilemma - that I don't have any MOP coins, all I have is my credit cards, Pesos and is there a way I could phone Luchie even for a short while. He offered his phone which ofcourse I declined to use. I can pay for the call not just in the available currency the pay phone demamnded. My pride took control there's no way I'm going to use his phone.

The steward insisted, so bye bye pride. I called Luchie told her the not so new news (because as always CebPac was delayed, it's not news anymore since it happens 99% of the time). It had me thinking, this experience could be a really good story for the grandchildren about how I met this really nice steward who helped me and assisted me and about how there are really airport romances. My mind went all beyond the usual sane level, it made a lot of what ifs and possible story endings. Cool di ba? Meeting a prospect in the airport & take note he's a steward... tall, good looking & really smart.

The reason why the plane landed in HK was due to bad weather here in Macau - one foreigner reacted "are you kidding?" - the weather here is perfect, not too warm and not too cold. It is almost as if it's April 25 already (do you get my drift? hehehe) all you need is a light sweater. They explained, it's the weather above, weather beyond the clouds. Fine, we can't argue with that we're no weather gurus. Okay so the flight was diverted to HK and that they're ready to go back here anytime. They have given us this travel voucher that I'm not yet availing because the soonest they announced free food the crowd using this PCs went wild hehehe now is my chance to get cyber connected. But this is getting really long and there are kids beside me whom I think are reading the text I'm typing (the screen is huge, regular font is like type 20). Gotta go.

Oh by the way the ending to my airport romance... the steward, my steward is gay.

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