Wednesday, March 05, 2008

My Eulogy for dear Bulan

I can’t help but feel sad over my hometown’s non-stop battling over a “mala ZTE” scam. I spent my intellect forming days in that formerly happy town, I had a lot of wonderful memories in high school and college sem breaks there. I was even given the chance to experience what it’s like to be a public leader for a week when I became a town councilor elect during my Junior HS year’s Boy & Girl week. It’s a week where student leaders from different HS in our town elect among their peers the mayor, vice mayor, and kagawads then the elected officers will appoint their cabinet members… it was fun when you’re young because all we did was hang around the mayor’s office playing scrabble and exchanging school gossips. But not everything in that week is fun, fun, fun… we also attended the council session where plans for our dear town were made. The little mayor even married an old couple in a civil ceremony. It was amusing but at the same time there was a huge responsibility being served in our plates because we were being formed and molded into becoming tomorrow’s leaders.

I don’t know if I should feel disappointed because as a member of our town I did nothing to support the place. I’ve been outside Bulan for the longest time more than half my life, it was my parents who really spent their time in our town. But now even my parents are here in Manila. I am not sure if I am allowed to spill out my observations… I am not sure if I am entitled to feel bad against the administration & the opposition. I don’t support either of them and I can’t condemn anyone either. I am just a bystander, reading and just being informed about how our town is now a hodgepodge of crimes, corruptions and other unimaginable sad things.

I can’t help but feel little again over the fact that I am really living a shallow life. I can’t help but feel troubled over things that made me really gleeful in high school. I’m gonna miss my old town. I’m going to miss the town that made me realize how fun it is to grow up in a quiet place if you’re surrounded by trustworthy folks and a community that supports you and think about what’s best for your welfare. I’m going to miss Bulan, because now the old town I love is dead.

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