Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bohol & Dumaguete Pictures

What would be the best way to describe the wonderful sceneries of Bohol and Dumaguete than the pictures?

Went to Bohol last Feb 28-Mar 1 with my good friends Dines, Jeng, Udeng, Rhea & Mamay and with new friends Ingrid & Bert. Then Mar 1-2 we went to Dumaguete where Jenny was able to join us.
Di na to chronologically arranged, labo labo na hehehe :)
hide & seek at Bohol Beach Club
Islands Souvenirs models
sunset at Villa del Sol, Bohol
at Jo's Inato Bohol
at the foot of the stairs - Chocolate Hills Observatory
mermaids of Bohol Beach Club
at Hinagdanan Cave Bohol
the girls
with Rhea, Dines & Bert at Bohol Beach Club (see the shore? that white... ganda as in)

with Dines & Jen under the Dumaguete sun
Apo Island Dauin, Negros Oriental (ganda!)
the girls at Apo Island (Rhea, Bert, Ingrid, Dinah & Jen)
Jen at Apo Island beach
Rhea at Apo Island, Negros
the gang at the blood compact site
at Baclayon Church (Baclayon, Bohol) 2nd oldest restored church in the Philippines
good morning B0hol! on our way to chase Dolphins (5 am kuha to)
at the poolside of Bohol Beach Club
World Famous Bohol Beach Club (uber sa ganda)
at the Chocolate Hills Observatory
another picture at the Chocolate Hills Observatory
Chocolate Hills
Tarsier (not a monkey but a primate)
Buffet lunch at Loboc River (Bohol, Tagbilaran)
Ms. Silliman 1901, este Jenny at Silliman University
beautiful Orchid Collection of Mang Jo (hehehe close kame)
Jen, Udeng, Jeng, Mamay, Bert & Ingrid at Jo's Inato Dumaguete
Sea Forest Resort, Dumaguete City - The Unbeatable Love Triangle (Jen followed by Udeng who's being chased by Jeng hehehe)
Tagbilaran Airport

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good day to you anne. this is jette from villa del sol in bohol. we are presently revising the whole website and we want your pics to be included in the concept. we hope you will allow us to use some of your pics. you can email me at thank you.