Monday, January 07, 2008

The Year That Was

(written Jan 3, 2008)
First of all Happy Birthday to my dear Tita Eden and to my good friend Marco. The great ones are born every 3rd of January – apart from those born on the best day which is Sept 20 (hehehe).

(di na ito news because it ended yesterday) My friends are going crazy over Cebu Pacific’s Piso fare which started today and will last until Jan 6 so if you guys are planning to take a vacation anywhere in the Phils by Jan 22 up to March 31 take advantage of their promo. O ayan CebPac, free plugging.


I’ve read my friend’s recap of 2007 in their blogs and I am planning to do one myself (inggitera)but then the thought I always have about this year is that I didn’t feel it cause it just passed me by. It flew real fast that all I can think about in the future whenever 2007 is mentioned is that I got a surprise 28th birthday party from my good friends and that I went to Bora with my lovely bestfriend (where we had the last day on earth feeling). That’s the highlight I think of my 2007.

2007 really didn’t linger… but I am thankful that 1 year went by, I feel loved, I am blessed and almost there to being genuinely happy. Not that I am miserable the past year, I was not and in fact I was and am okay. I usually compare the entry I had the previous year whenever I have the urge to rant and be depressed on my blog and luckily I can say that I was chirpier in 2007 than 2006. I have my parents at home with me most of the time. I have the company of my pamangkins. And I have the bestest friends anyone could wish for, so in conclusion I had a pretty decent 2007 and thank God for everything.

I don’t make resolutions for I often break them all before the end of each January (that fast). I don’t even plan, majority of them weren’t executed and if they are they were unsuccessful. So what’s my point here? Wala lang, I just want to wish for a great new year, a happier one – an exciting one.

So I skip making resolutions and planning every year… what do I do best? I dream, after all I’m a sleepwalker (not a somnambulist). I wish for things to happen and I pray. And I hope too, for the best.

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