Saturday, January 12, 2008

I’ve been trying to discipline myself more this year in terms of my sleeping habits, the food I eat and exercise. The past few days I was watching bit by bit a cute Korean novella that I saw in one of the local channels. Luckily a DVD with the complete episode of that novella is already available at my friendly DVD store. I’m a TV & DVDholic, it is my known weakness to finish a 20 episode show in one sitting (or in some cases slouching or even stumbling in bed is also involved). I am amazed at myself on the developments I had in terms of sleeping early. When the clock strike 12 am I made sure that I turn the TV & DVD player off. I’ve been doing it for a week already and I was able to finish the whole DVD in 4 sessions. It is a great accomplishment on my part that is why I chose to mention it here as an entry, to congratulate myself (hahaha because no one will). I’ve been a pro insomniac for years now that is why it is really vital to discipline oneself and free the mind on a certain time. It doesn’t matter if I can’t sleep as long as I was able to rest my mind & body. But I should say that sleep is still by far the best form of relaxation for everyone.

I feel a little sad over the fact that my reading habit in the last year was really poor. I have read very few books and it made me assess myself on what I really care for in life. For me learning is everything… I love books, I love watching movies, I love the TV. I learn a lot from those things especially from the books. I remembered my friends especially Jenny using my books as hostages when she or they (together with Jeng, they love to blackmail me using my books) wants to torture me or wants me to do something risky that I do not want to be a part of. That’s how important my books are to me and unfortunately I am not ready to give them up – yet. I was a little disappointed with myself that I was not able to read good quality books in 2007. I have read a few and started on a lot and failed to finish. But this year I started to read again, beginning with the unfinished Letters to a Young Poet which I started last year in September. I alternately read it with a new book I got as a present from my good friend Moises - Nora Ephron’s Wallflower at the Orgy. I read 2 books sometimes so as not to feel overwhelmed or saturated over one story. It can also stop the boredom I feel towards one book when I think it is beginning to get dragging.

There are times when one would often contemplate on the things he or she did in the past especially when the result is not what was intended to be. The usual question would be what went wrong? What should be done instead? Did I go overboard? Are my efforts not good enough? We ask all of these but the answer is just simple either it’s not meant to be or that it is worth giving it another shot. In any of these reasons that you want to believe in there would always be 2 sides, the yes and the no, the black and the white. No maybe and no such thing as gray. It is really a wild world, it is always best to be strong. Life is short, you’d know in your heart if one this is worth the risk and once you do realize that it is, whatever happen, never ever entertain regret.

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