Wednesday, January 23, 2008

27 Dresses

Succeeded in doing its primary objective: to entertain the viewers

Those who loves Katherine Heigl would need not worry about what will be the outcome of this movie for her, and to those James Marsden fanatics (like me who’s a new convert – add Enchanted to the bill) will love him even more.

I personally love the end credits - it's very creative & funny.

I am chick flick sucker that is why this movie made me want to wish for my own cynical, impossible, unbeliever of marriage creep because later on (& because he met me) he’ll be transformed into this perfect groom meant only for me.

I already have 4 dresses in my closet, 2 more will be added this year… 21 more to go?

I hope not ;)

PS: I am not that happy, I am still depressed over the fact Heath is now a was.

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... beachfreak said...

I want to see this movie!! Grr.