Thursday, November 15, 2007

Love at First Sight - Subway style

Will somebody do this for me???? Please??


I was browsing through featured articles on the web earlier today when I came upon this romantic story about a guy riding a subway then fell in love instantly to a woman sitting across from him inside the train. He made this cutesy and detailed website to find the girl. He felt bad that he wasn't able to say anything or even manage to start a conversation with the girl and with that HE HAS TO FIND HER!!!

Search the web for "new york girl of my dreams" for more feedback on this great love story.

Patrick's (the guy on the subway) website for the girl is

Now who wants to make one for me??? How sad, no one?

Good night guys! I just thought I'd share this cute story with all of you.

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kegler747 said...

Ok to ah! parang pang MMK :)