Thursday, November 22, 2007

I still...

...owe this site the Thailand stories and pictures that I promised, I think I’ll break the promise (again again). With all the rackets, wedding preps/ shower for Pen and Christmas hullabaloo that I’m attending to I don’t have the time anymore. So here are some photos, hopefully I’ll be very bored next year that I eventually decide to work on the pictures and stories of the past trips I had.

This is what I do most of the time when inside the hotel - I watch the Mondo (Chinese) MTV hehehe

with Jenny - The Grand Palace grounds

At Wat Pho

To Mo Chit (BTS station)

Goofing inside Starbucks Coffee (in Patpong), one of Rov's very creative idea lifting the gigantic cup with my tiny point finger

At the Emerald Buddha temple

the very famous TukTuk taxi of Bangkok

The lying Buddha at Wat Pho

at The Marble Temple with Rovs

girls at play - I haven't been on a swing for a very long time, I think the last one was when I was still in high school (yes I know... ages ago) - enjoying the Chatuchak Playground with Jen


kegler747 said...

Ang ganda ng mga pix :) pati narin yung mga nasa pictures :)

Anne said...

Carlo Bolero - yan new name mo.

kegler747 said...

Bolero? eh bka magalit ka pag sinabi naman na panget :) hehehe

I kid u not, maganda nga... di ko nalang sasabihin kung ano ang maganda :)

... beachfreak said...

Akoooooo, gusto ko rin pumuntaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Hope you had a great trip!!