Monday, November 06, 2006

Singapore Pictures

Pictures from my camera & from Marco's, more pics from Joel soon....
1. Bus ride at Sentosa with Jen & Jo 2. Singapore skyline 3. with Jen at Marina (Glutton's Bay) 4. Posing for Marco (oo na utu-uto ako) at Sentosa
1. River cruise at Clarke Quay with Jo 2. with Jen and the Starbucks guy 3. having fun at the Luge in Sentosa 4. Downtown walk (lots and lots of kilometers with construction site seeing pa) 5. at the MRT with Jen & Jo 6. Underworld adventure 7. cable car with Jen & Jo 8. amazed by the sharks (Underworld at Sentosa) 9. group pic bago umuwi (with Jen, Jo & Marco at Sentosa) 10. another of Marco's pictorial at Sentosa 11. which way? figuring out where to go - lost at Sentosa 12. Skyride at Sentosa
click on the pic above to view it clearly
... more pictures soon!

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