Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Reverse Bungy Experience

Best ride ever with Jen and Marco then Jo & myself. This crazy vid was from the reverse bungy ride we took at Clarke Quay Singapore. Enjoy!
Turn your volume up guys and laugh (of course at our expense). Truly one hell of a ride.


Bernie said...

yo galing! how'd u get the vid from them? that was a fun ride. check this out!


myra said...

Hey Joan! It's been ages since I checked out your blog and the first thing I see? Your bungee video!Ofcourse, you never fail to amuse me. Seems like a fun ride! Couldn't Marco scream any louder?! I love rides esp roller coaster loops! Anyway, are you doing an Asian tour or something? How come you travel so much?I would like to do that too. Did you go to Taiwan, A Sz's hometown? I've just finished watching MG1 & 2...for the hundredth time! Hey, how come you look like your wearing only undies? Joke!