Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Vacation Mode: Pressed ON

I am already on vacation mode, not that I am going away for the long weekend but because I already have the perfect activities in mind.

My nieces & nephews are all here already that is why 6 pm everyday is the most awaited hour. I cannot wait to go home and cuddle with them. Boyps will be arriving in 2 days as well, in time for the Visita Iglesia that I planned with Ma. Friday will be a prayerful day since it’ll be spent at home with family and a procession in the afternoon. Come Saturday it’ll be spent on the beach (I love the beach!!!) or perhaps just a relaxing day at the spa (still can’t decide, hopefully there’s a beach slot somewhere in Batangas for me and some friends).

Marco @ Bintan Lagoon Resort, Indonesia

I feel guilty thinking and day dreaming about vacations because I just arrived from one. I had a 6 days well spent vacation in SG with my best friend. I promised her that I’ll be with her on her bday and I was, I love the thought that we were both there for each other when we turned 3 oh. The vacation was even lovelier because best bud M stayed true to his promise, he planned a relaxing vacation at the beach. We had an overnight stay at Bintan Lagoon, Indonesia. It's now one of my fave beach, next to Panglao (my ultimate beach favourite) it now occupies the spot formerly held by Boracay.

After tomorrow, I am free. I hope you all enjoy your long weekends. Please remember the real reason why we all have Thursday and Friday off. Take care and God bless.

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Rhea said...

tita anne! excited for the months ahead! confirmed na tayo sa nagsasa cove (24/25apr) and of course bellarocca :D