Friday, March 19, 2010

Cloudy Singapore

yes, I am blogging from cloudy Singapore.

Day 2 of my visit to my bestfriend who's having a big three oh celebration tomorrow. While she's at work and another friend Sophie hitting the zzz's soon I'll be left here roaming the cyberzone with Luchie's still hot from the store MacBook Pro.

SG as always is still the same old busy city, no difference at all from the SG I've been to 3 years ago. The only difference now is that the people seems to be more busier than before. I have never been to NY but I always imagine that it is an exaggerated version of SG.

So here I am tapping the keyboards of Chie's baby, battling the thought of going around Orchard Rd by myself. My first day here already made a big impact on my savings account. Armani was on sale, I couldn't find the courage to stop myself from purchasing a blouse. Cotton Co is also on sale, I loaded up on summer attires not just for myself but for my Jologs friend. And since Rhei is having her big three and 1 up day on Monday, I found her the perfect gift (Rhei if your reading this, yes I did found you a nice gift).

Spending the day indoors seems like a plan since we're going out tonight.

So boys and girls, wag po akong tularan... I am a shopaholic in the making... nahawa ata ako kay Luchie.

Before I say bye bye... let me give the bestest friend in the world the biggest hug, the biggest kiss and the biggest bday greeting. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUCHIE!!! I love you sweetie! bestfriends for Life!

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