Thursday, February 11, 2010

Vday Thoughts

Am I suppose to love (or even like for that matter) vday this year cos I am already in a relationship? I have been – for the longest time – an anti-vday advocate. Not just because I was single all those times but because I hate the commercialism that surrounded this day that was supposed to be a grand gesture of honoring St. Valentines.

I am still anti-vday not because I am obligated to give W something, I would still stick to my idealism (hehehe an excuse), that I won’t be part of those who succumbs to Hallmark or gift stores for inventing this holiday. So if in case baby you’re reading this, you’re not getting anything okay?

But wholeheartedly, I am going to greet everyone an advance Happy Vday. Enjoy this day… don’t let this holiday slip without telling your loved ones the way you feel about them. It’s your choice if you want something wrapped to go along with your I Love Yous. Take care boys & girls!

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