Monday, February 15, 2010


Miss the days when I can just pick up the landline and call my bestfriend who’s just here in Manila, who happens to be just in a different city from where I am.
Miss the days when I can send best bud a text message on some random thoughts or episodes currently being showed on National Geo, I get an instant reply then… we share the same channel but not anymore, we don’t even share the same country code.
Miss the days when I can go to Makati just to have coffee with G or J then we’ll watch as the stores in GB3 were being locked by their staff – another day has gone… now traffic has been really terrible going there from where I am.
Miss the days when I am itching to go home to my old hometown… Holy Weeks, Christmases, summer vacations, sem breaks, parent’s anniversary, All Soul’s and Saint’s, and others… now I dunno if I still have a hometown to go to.
Miss the days when I say hello to the rising sun after watching DVD series marathon style. Now I am so sleepy that even talking to the boyps with my eyes open or glued to the tube can be hard work.
Miss the days when it’s already Thursday, my favorite day… now it’s already Saturday and I didn’t have a clue. It’ll be Monday once again and I would be wondering where are all my weekends?
Miss the days when I can just sit back and relax while watching a movie, now while watching my mind is making circles as to how much work should be done when the movie is over.

I keep on missing people, things & all. What is happening to my world?

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