Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oh Crappy Day

I woke up at the wrong side of the bed and more like from the wrong side of the world. For some unknown reasons I woke up feeling really sad and it’s not the hormones I’m sure. After so many attempts to pretend that everything is alright I gave up. I fought the strong urge to succumb myself in an oral battle with anyone who’ll take me as an opponent. It feels really weird and I hate feeling crabby, I tried the coffee fix trick and it was unsuccessful.

I then watched Cougar Town episodes that I missed, the idea was to laugh or to feel even a slight smile formed on my lips – still unsuccessful. Grayson made me angry more. The “Someday Girl” idea made me hate him more. Words of encouragement from my guy didn’t help either. Stalking John Mayer (which worked all the time when I’m bored or sad) did nothing as well to sugar coat my sour mood. What’s wrong with me?

All I want to do right this minute is pack my bags, ride a plane going to SG and be with my bestfriends. Forget the responsibilities, forget deadlines, forget everything but just sashay away from here towards them.

I feel bad for my vendor who has to deal with all my bitching earlier today. It’s not her fault and I’m sorry because I really don’t have the time and sympathy for her. Arghh!!! What’s wrong with me today?

Thank God it's almost the weekend... I want a massage, an embrace & a kiss... I want Chuck and I want them all NOW!


luchie said...

sweetie,it's been a while. i was trying to call you earlier today but you weren't picking up. it's been a very tiring week for me.stressful. we're aiming for the license that's why the workload is heavier.i miss u though. it'll be march soon.. :)

... beachfreak said...

We all need to bitch once in a while... well, maybe 3x a week. ;) hahahah!

Anne said...

hey Rosey! it's been a while... I miss your entries :( write ka na uli ng marami!!!