Sunday, January 10, 2010

Looking forward to...

a lot of feel good movies for this year...

Valentines Day - with the all star cast it is like watching He's Not That Into you and Love Actually simultaneously... I love Director Marshall so I definitely believe that this one will be a killer (kilig).

Dear John - not really a feel good story especially the ending (not sure though if the book will really be followed, they do it all the time with Sparks books, they change the settings a lot) but I sort of like Channing Tatum *grin* hehehe

The Last Song - hate M. Cyrus but I love the story line plus it's another one from Nicholas Sparks.

Leap Year - funny girl Amy Adams with her big surprised eyes and wonderful charm? This will be a delight plus cutie Matthew Goode is in it :)

Watched Avatar (this time I didn't sleep on it, natapos ko talaga) with good friends Dines, Rhei (& sibs), Ingrid and Bert at Rockwell yesterday. The only thing I can say about it is that it is FANTASTIC.

I am really sooo looking forward to more good movies this year.

Happy weekend boys & girls!

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gracious said...

Hi Anne. I'm looking forward to Valentine's Day too :) And Alice in the Wonderland :) We just started with Netflix so I've been keeping myself busy watching movies that I missed...hehehe

Btw, are you on FB?