Thursday, February 05, 2009

Just Not Into...

I have always been curious about the book He’s Just Not That Into You but still I didn’t read it. When I heard about it being made into a film, the idea of reading it faded away. I thought I’ll just wait for the movie version. Then I realized that maybe – just maybe, the writer of the screenplay and I don’t share the same perspective of the book. I am not saying that my interpretation would be more understandable as compared to the film’s concept but my version I think would give me a little comfort as to why guys are not into women like me (read: alright not women like me just plain ME). So I decided to read the book then again went against it.

It was my good friend M who mentioned this book to me years ago (then I saw an Oprah episode where the book’s co-writer Greg Surname-I-don’t-recall was blabbing and solving the world’s relationship problems by quoting passages from his book). M, an enthusiast on mastering women’s I mean human behaviour (my bad) was over eager in learning the ropes of taming women. He even attended a book reading symposium (or was it just a simple book review get together I can’t remember) for this particular book. He’s been waiting for ages for the film to come out. M was also keen on reading a certain book about finding Mr. Right or Marrying the Man of your Dreams type of self-help book. There are times when he scares me – reading the books when I should be the one doing so. He’s not even reading these books for the benefit of his girl friends (platonic ones). But his explanation convinced me why he’s so eager to learn what women wants. He wants to be WHAT WOMEN WANTS and hands down to him for thinking like that.

Sometime ago I learned from another male friend that he uses women’s perfume (Clinique Happy in particular) because this draw girls closer to him but I bet this was not solely his idea – he just learned it from someone I am sooo sure. This made sense, I don’t like guy scents especially the strong ones and we all know that men’s body chemistry is all different from us but it made sense. Women would feel safe when they smell him - they would feel that they’re in a familiar territory. But of course smart men would never ever dare use those fruity luscious scents (Victoria Secret anyone??? hahaha).

These 2 are examples of why I decided to be clueless as ever to why guys I like are not that into me or why the hell can't I find a guy that I would really like. Part of the reason why I decided not to read the book anymore. My 2 guy friends are just 2 and I bet there are more guys who are just as clueless and just as confused like me about dating and other relationship what is and ifs and what’s not. They would want to be likeable (who wouldn’t want to be liked) and are willing to step out of what’s traditional and stereotyped human behaviour in order to please. Learning the trade would just make me find out things that I’m sure would make me unhappy and things that I strongly disagree and don’t believe in.

All of these being said and me missing again the point I want to convey, I still would want to watch the movie because I saw a hilarious trailer about it. Also I firmly believe that books are good guides but then again the steering wheel of emotion is something that we can never own.

Advance Happy Vday everyone and I also want everyone to know (as opposed to what people who knows me believed in) that I don’t hate Valentine’s day, especially this year.

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