Monday, November 10, 2008


I really don’t want to try it. Zie has been trying to persuade me to go surfing for the longest time now but I really don’t want to go. I can’t swim so obviously I am not that confident in the water and to go what? Surfing??? Heller, I don’t want to fall flat on my face or my butt noh. I just don’t want to be humiliated. But since my college girls all voted to go to La Union last weekend I went anyway so that I could spend time with them plus I really want to go to the beach to relax and enjoy the sun but definitely not to surf. It was only Zie & Faye who tried taking lessons on the first day we were at the Billabong Surf Camp in San Juan La Union. Gaux, Vina and I just stayed on the shore watching them and laughing while they stumble or fall. The three of us just stayed on the sand sun bathing. We went to Gaux’s uncle for dinner then we put the videoke machine of Tito Mike to the test… we thought the machine would plead us to stop pero kinaya ng powers nya ang great voices namin.

The next morning (after an evening culminated with Vodka hehehe) we decided to all go surfing (what the hell they don’t know me in La Union I don’t care anymore if I’ll fall face down & drown on the water butt first.

I am very glad I tried it. Not only did I enjoy it I also didn’t fall not even once, I was a natural hehehe. My instructor Jeff was even pushing me towards big & challenging waves. I rode with the waves like as if I am just on a flat surface skateboarding. It was really fun and thanks to Ziella for badgering me to try it. I can even hear her voice telling me “ano, sabi ko sayo masaya eh, aayaw ayaw ka pa” when I was starting to enjoy the moment. We all liked it a lot that is why we’ll be back to the surf school next month.

Here are some of our pictures (hehehe nakakatawa seryosong seryoso kame, dame kaseng taong nanonood kaya dapat di tataob).

exhibition ni Gaux, crossed legs surfing hehehe

Ziella having fun

me hehehe

Rock on! The girls with Surfer Luke

lunch at Gene's place

with Goddess Faye

Vina - ang pro-surfer ng grupo

waiting for the waves

first attemp - just look at how supportive my friends are

power of three - Faye, Moi & Vina

surf students: Faye, Margaux, Vina, ako & Ziella


at the resort


that's me after jumping off the board


gracious said...

wow! ang galing! :) Natural ka nga, Anne :)

I've always wanted to try surfing pero chicken din ako kasi I'm not a good swimmer but you inspired me to try it the next time I get the chance :)

Anne said...

hey gracious! thanks.

I saw your hawaii pix, ganda!!! & payat ka pa rin ;)