Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Covenant, Twilight and 50 Cent

I was able to watch the movie The Covenant last night, it was from 2006 and stars Steven Strait and Chace Crawford (sorry sila lang sikat eh) and I can’t help but imagine Twilight. There are no vampires in The Covenant but I’m pretty sure that the stunts of Twilight and the romance would look just the same. I bet Jacob Black of Twilight would be just like Caleb of The Covenant and I also think that Steven Strait would play a great Jacob cos he was really a great Caleb. Gets? Gulo noh? Anyway I don’t like the actor who will play Jacob on the film. It was Elliot from Cheaper by the Dozen 2 all grown up. I just don’t see him as Jacob every time I came across the JB character on the book. I really don’t like him crush ko pa naman si Jacob. Anyway going back to my observation, there are a lot of similarities between Twilight and the covenant . Here's one:

More to come... (hehehe ineedit ko pa)

I was channel browsing a couple of nights ago and as usual nothing good is on during late weeknights. I settled for the Tyra Banks Show where the rapper 50 Cent was the guest. That’s how I found out that he’s not just a rapper who was responsible for In Da Club (the song you don’t get tired hearing especially when your clubbing) but also a man of substance. He seemed so intelligent, I mean really smart and deep. He gives his 2 cents (sometimes 50, hehehe corny) on a lot of things and you’ll feel that his image as a rap artist doesn’t say a lot about his character. I mean c’mon, all of you will agree that he don’t look that bright when he raps, right? Well he gained another fan in me except that I still don’t like his music.

Yun lang hehehe Happy Tuesday!

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you on the comparisons of twilight and the covenant.