Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Roadtrip to the Beach

We’ve (college friends) been planning a beach trip for the June 7-10 long weekend for more than a month already. The plan was an overnight stay at Laiya, Batangas. There were originally 8 of us who agreed until days before the said outing 3 bailed out. The rest just felt lazy going since not all of us can make it. The most awaited beach trip turned into a dinner for 4. Rain, Zie, Ses and I met up last Saturday for a quiet dinner at Eskimo Bob Bayside MOA. All we talked about was the supposed beach trip that day then an impromptu plan was made. The 4 of us will still go to Batangas for a day trip to the beach the next day. Subic, Tagaytay or Antipolo escapade was even considered… basta makagala sayang ang long weekend. We hit the road past 7 am last Sunday, there were no traffic and aside form a few wrong turns (not one of us knew where we’re going) the trip was really enjoyable. Moises drove while Zie, Rain and I navigate (hehehe). Ang layo pala ng San Juan Batangas, we initially went to La Luz but because it was a spur of the moment outing we didn’t have any reservations. Laiya Coco Grove was the next best thing and it turned out that it was the best thing.
Me, Zie, Rain and Ses
Zie and Rain kayaking
Ses on the Beach (parang drink)

The we ate, they drank, swim, lay on the sand and went kayaking. Ang saya, when it was time to go home the usual road comedies happened. After dropping off Zie, Ses and Rain in Alabang I drove home by myself… yes by myself :D

And ofcourse di pwedeng mawala ang travelling hand ;)

PS: Chuni, sorry :(

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