Friday, June 13, 2008


I happen to hear this song from the movie Penelope (which by the way is one nice and inspiring movie). I downloaded it and happened to come across this video. The song is in Icelandic and I don’t have the slightest idea what it is about but I find hope and solace in this song (whew.. lalim? lame? Hehehe). I guess Sigur Ros is a great band, I was able to read a few comments and information about them - they’re all positive so I guess they’re that good. I’ll download more of their songs (even though they sound pretty alien to me) and will let you know if they’re worth the DLs.

Oh and BTW, I have a new crazy song too!!! And Jenny’s going mad already listening to it while I play it over and over again the whole day… Shake It by Metro Station (2 members of which are Hannah Montana Royalties being brothers of Miley and Mitchel in real life).

Happy weekend everyone… enjoy the rest day, the movies, the good food and don’t forget to greet your Pops a big Happy Father’s Day!

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