Wednesday, June 06, 2007

First Day High

I accompanied my nephew Jude on his first day of high school last Monday morning. I can't sense if he's excited or nervous because when I asked him about it as always he was in his usual cool composure. I was there, the very supportive Tita waiting for the bell so that he can climb upstairs to the first year’s designated classroom.

I can’t help but notice that high school before and now is more or less still the same. In the corner of my eye I saw one pretty girl approaching with her whole entourage. Another one approached and when she reached the first pretty girl they did the usual beso-beso, all 6 of them. These are the popular pretty girls. The geeks were in one corner eyeing them as if talking about them. But they made sure that their heads were bowed and their stare were just peripherally adjusted so as not to be caught. Then here comes the jock, he was wearing sunglasses so I really can’t figure out if he’s good looking or not. He removed his glasses then greeted a group of cool guys hanging out by the cafeteria – he is cute. As he passed by you can’t deny that he exudes a great confidence – his strides tell that this is gonna be his year. I also noticed the side ways glance he throw the prettiest girl from the popular group.

This was the same scenario I witnessed when I was in highschool. You might be wondering what group I belong to. Well to be honest not the popular kid’s group not even the geeks’ or the jocks’. I belong to a unique group (aside from the fact that I’m late during first days of school that is why I don’t have the luxury of bidding time on the hallways). I belong to UNP, the Unpredictables. It was the melting pot of individuals in our year level. We have a geek, a jock, some popular pretty girls, talented ones – can sing can dance, we have the presidents of various organizations, we have the excellent & most intelligent students, the school majorette belongs to our group, the class valedictorian & salutatorian, the boy scouts, the drummers, the twirlers, the losers hehehe. And we’re just 8 in that group.

I am thankful that I have that group, it made my high school really fun. I miss you Chie, Mark, Yong, Dette, Cel, Juliet – and our ampon Tonie. Miss you guys, all the memories swarm back to me when I was observing everything at Jude’s school. Love you guys and thank you for the friendship, see all soon.

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Ganter said...

OMG i miss the UNP too! hi Anne! I miss you na! it seems like we're so far away...i hope we can meet soon and go night out at least! Misyah!