Monday, April 16, 2007

Summer Haven

Original draft done last March after the trip hehehe another of my many delayed entries.
No place will beat Pinas' summer capital as an easy get away from the chaos of the Metro. Last March 9-11, I went with my good friends Jenny, Moises, Jeng, Dolfo, Joan & Isse (and with our driver Kuya Jerry) in a journey of exploring the un-explored side of Baguio & La Trinidad (unexplored in my case, haven't been there and last week was the chance I got). Here are some of the pictures, enjoy:

1. at Tam-Awan Village 2. with my tukayo Joan at the door of the Stone Church 3. goofing with Ses at the Bell Church 4. us girls at the Stairway to Heaven (hehehe, Secret Garden at John Hay) 5. Over the Top (Pamilya Zaragoza at the Bell House) 6. Wishing Pond at the Bell Church

...more pictures from this vacation soon...

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