Sunday, October 02, 2011

I Miss You

I really do.

I miss blabbing and musing about all things under the sun.

You see I am getting hitched in less than 80 days so my time is pretty devoted to preparations. We started early and I thought by this time I'll be chillaxing, watching my favorite tv shows but boy I am so wrong. Although everything is under control and I have never been a bridezilla yet, just thinking about things that still needs to be done stresses me. Maybe I really need to start practicing the mantra " let go and let God".

My birthday month was pretty awesome, I just want to share it with you because you know I always have birthday jitters every year - the price for growing old. But it was different this year, because of my busy schedule I didn't have the time to mope and think about how old and senseless the new year of my life would be. Well that's typical drama queen me but this year was really fun. People Tells me all the time that this is the last birthday I'll celebrate being single.

My sister and my nephew Johann travelled all the way from Bicol to spend a few days here. My best friend travelled a few thousand miles (yep from Singapore) to spend my birthday week with me. My closest friends and dear loved ones were all here. My Panget was here too and gave me the thing that I really wanted (he bought me the SLR cam I wanted which surprised me because he said we'll buy it next year).

I am so blessed, last night I was able to contemplate upon realizing it's the last quarter of the year already. 2012 is already waving at me. 2011 has been so far nice to me. He stayed true to his part of the bargain. Before this year started I asked that he be friendlier and nicer to me unlike the other years and he did, 2011 was really my year. I know it was not perfect, I had a lot of silent angst about my career and work life but God is good I'll be blessed because I know I have worked hard everyday for the company. Money is tight but the drought too shall pass. I am thankful that my parents are fine, their health are not perfect but okay. I am blessed, I believe and I have it in my heart because God is with me.

So there I updated you, I really miss talking to you but be assured that you are never forgotten. I am hoping to write more next year. I intend to travel more and try new exciting things next year so you an I will have a lot of stories to discuss. Please don't be sad okay, I am just here. Bear with me for the time being and let me enjoy my being a princess soon.

I gotta go now my blog, will write more soon. I really miss you and don't go anywhere okay. I'll write more soon.


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