Tuesday, December 25, 2007


What happened? Here's the rundown:

Pen's Wedding & MLA, ex MLA & not from MLA Christmas gathering... scramble get together with Ms. E, ate Lileth, Mommy Grace & Tracy from MLA, myself, Jenny, Jeng, Dines, Cheryl & Tina - the ex-MLAers and Papa Fred, Dolfo and Joel the not from MLA group. The traditional agawan gift happened with the addition of the recycled gift giving event courtesy of Mommy Grace. UCC will never be that fun & noisy ever again.

Dinner with Dines, Jen & Jeng... gifts galore, pizza & pasta, coffee at UCC

Global Fun Carnival adventure with my family - panalo sa mga bata

Jologs dinner... gifts galore, Starbucks, Bubba Gump, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Marc Nelson, Rovilson & VJ Paula of Thailand (chismax: Marc & Paola were sweet, nagsusubuan pa ng ice cream)... thanks to my sisters Saree, Gabs, Zie, Chona, Faye, Vines & Mommy Redj

Christmas eve - I am very proud to announce that I've reached the maximum EQ level this year... I waited for the clock to strike 12 am... I didn't peek on any gift I received (unless requested by the giver that I open it ASAP)... thanks to everyone who remebered to give me presents this year.

and lastly... the original Ben of my life got married... enough said don't want more sighs.

I am hoping to have a wonderful rundown & countdown for 2008.

Happy Christmas again to all!!!

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